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"flying bats, batman"

updated fri 24 oct 97


Richard Harris on thu 2 oct 97

Tony wrote,
> best system is what I call the British system. A pin in the middle of your
> wheel head and one off to the side about two inches. With this system you
> can use small bats for cups, etc. ...

> We cut small squares of marine plywood for small bats. Some people would
> have trouble with square but after a few hundred pots you look at the pot
> and not the bat.

I'm not sure if what i've done with bats is known under a bat system
name, but...
i bought 50 8 inch square commercial tiles, for about $30.00, then took
a good wooden bat, about the same diameter as my wheel head, and 4
lengths of a wooden strip, about 1/4", by 1 1/4" by 6". Placing a tile
on the bat, i snugged up the wooden strips to the 4 sides, then nailed
them down. Now i have 50 little bats i can easily flip in and out of
the larger bat. Used these for about 2 years now, and are very useful
for things like candlesticks with broad bases, etc.