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'painterly paradigms'

updated wed 30 apr 97


Eleanora Eden on fri 18 apr 97

Hi Sam and all,

REALLY appreciate your missive on 'painterliness'. It's a concept I have
centered on for about 3 decades as my goal in art and although I knew what
I meant I couldn't have dreamed of doing it such justice....

It's not the words themselves but the intent that is appropriate or not.
My favorite buzz-word at the moment is 'paradigm'. Use it myself when
talking to academics, gets their attention big-time. When I was driving
down into Berkeley last week noticed a construction sign at the end of a
driveway by Claremont Hotel...Paradigm Construction Co....don't ya love

Eleanora...aha, maybe 'Paradigm Pottery' would be a nice one....
or 'Painterly Paradigms'...

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