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: new potter/every child an artist

updated fri 28 feb 97


Akita-jin \"Lee Love\" on fri 14 feb 97


I heard Izak (sp?) Pearlman (violinist) speak on the need for
the arts in the schools at the national press club (broadcasted on NPR.)
His main argument was that art was an essential part of human life
and is elemental in allowing us to know our emotional life. Even if
we do not become great artists, being involved in creativity gives us a
language that allows us to understand the work of others and to be in
touch with our feelings/emotions.

Imagine how rediculous it would be to say that children should
not do math because they will not become Einstein? They should not
learn how to write because they will never be Shakespear? We put art
in a category and judge it in a way we do not judge other things.
Creativity is basic to human nature. We need to learn about it.


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