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> is a co-op the answer?

updated mon 31 mar 97


The Shelfords on sat 8 mar 97

Hi Pam -
Re: >How have some of you gotten started with home setups with very limited
>options for space?
Blind determination seems to be the common characteristic of those designing
studios in impossible places. I have seen a workable "studio" in an old
bicycle shed (about 3' x 8') and also a laundry room with about as much
space beside the equipment. In both these cases, the kiln was elsewhere
(garage or shed.) Another friend has a minute office/baby's room (looks
about 6'x8') in a town house made over into a studio. She has to take her
stuff to the town Arts Centre for firing. I had (comparatively) oceans of
space in a 10' x 13' back bedroom in our townhouse - with all that room I
had the kiln in there as well (vented out the window, and I only fired
overnight.) We couldn't rewire the townhouse (strata rules) so I got the
kiln rewired to fire off a clothes dryer outlet. Average firing was about
12 to 14 hours. The bedroom backed onto the bathroom, so we put a laundry
sink in the closet. Space for pots was at a premium, so they got spread all
over the house, but heck, you're a potter, aren't you?
Of course, when we moved, we had to strip everything out and clean and
repaint, but it wasn't too bad. And at least my work was right there, not
something i had to travel to.
If you've got a shed for the kiln, are you sure you can't have a home studio?
Veronica Shelford
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