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>potfest u.k.

updated mon 31 mar 97


The Shelfords on sun 16 mar 97

Re: > POTFEST- an unselected potters market (one man's attempt to level
> the playing field a little)

Christine -

This sounds like a perfectly splendid idea - I hope I get to visit it sometime.

The Richmond Potters Club near Vancouver doesn't separate out the work of
each potter into her/his own space. We have always had out twice yearly
sales in a big hall, and the work is arranged on the tables with a view to
showing off each piece to its best advantage. I have so often seen work by
near beginners in clay, on the sales tables next to long-time and really
excellent potters, and the comparisons are often revealing. Often, neither
is "better" than the other. The experienced potter will have better and
more sophisticated techniques, usually, but the beginner's work will often
have vigor and freshness, and the buying public seems to be perfectly
capable of appreciating both. This wouldn't work in most situations, but
it does for this group, and the result is a real shot-in-the-arm for the
beginner, and thought-provoking for the experienced.

- Veronica
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