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_hummingbird feeder problem

updated mon 30 jun 97


The Posedel's on tue 17 jun 97

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>>Hello all,

Once upon a time, another potter helped us with this problem. He told us
to angle the hanging feeder. Put the little do-hickey that you hang your
leather from at a slight angle so that when you hang your feeder it tips up
just slightly. This sure solved our problem with that slow, steady, drip.
Good luck
>>I've had some customers complain that their humming
>>bird feeders drip. A s-l-o-w, but constant drip out the
>>little red tip. The stopper is a good fit in the bottle and
>>I tell them to jam the stopper in really tight, but the drips
>>won't stop.
>>Any ideas, suggestions, similar experiences???
>>David Hendley
>>Maydelle, Texas
Cheri Posedel