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101 clayart mugs

updated tue 10 mar 98


Talbott on tue 28 oct 97

Getting 100 plus mugs from 100 plus potters together in a group would be
interesting. Then getting professionally made photos of them in groups of
5 or 10 to be scanned for display on the Internet could be interesting...
Well just think about it and if you are interested in developing this idea
then please let me know. ....Marshall

Details will be forth coming!!!

Celia & Marshall Talbott, Pottery By Celia, Route 114, P O Box 4116,
Naples, Maine 04055-4116,(207)693-6100 voice and fax,(call first)
Clayarters' Live Chat Room, Fri & Sat Nites at 10 PM EDT & Sun at 1 PM EDT

Ron Wright on wed 10 dec 97

I've contacted Marshall Talbott about an idea to promote the 101 Clayart
Mug Exhibit. If he can stick his neck out so can I.

If anyone who is planning to send a mug to Marshall for the exhibit
wants a photo of a mug scanned for this project, they can snailmail me
the photo and I'll scan it and email it back and return the photo if
they send a S.A.S.E. (self addressed stamped envelope).

I will be setting up a web page to display the photo's. Should have it
ready in about a week.

Don't send me any mugs. Don't send Marshall any mugs until he is ready.

Ron Wright
Shiresham Pottery
5002 W. Ainslie St.
Chicago, IL 60630

Ron Wright on mon 9 mar 98

The web page for the photo's of the 101 clayart mugs, is up and running
at . If you have a photo of the mug
you are sending to Marshall Talbott, send me the photo and I will scan
it and put it on the display page. If you want I will email the scan to
you. Don't send me the mugs, just the photo's.

Ron Wright
Shiresham Pottery
5002 W. Ainslie St.
Chicago IL 60630