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1999 wood-fire conference

updated wed 30 apr 97


JOHN NEELY on sun 20 apr 97

One of the activities I was involved in at NCECA this year was a bit of
planning for yet another conference, an International Wood-fire Conference to
be held at the University of Iowa in September of 1999. We've put together an
organization called (provisionally, anyway) the "International Organization of
Wood-fire Artists." The first task that we have set for ourselves is to
develop a mailing list of artists that fit this description, i.e., artists
firing with wood. I'd like to enlist the help of the CLAYART community in
developing this mailing list. We would ultimately like to do a detailed survey
of wood kilns all over the world, an expanded version of Malcolm Wright's 1982
Studio Potter survey that was published about the time of the first U.S.
wood-fire conference at Peters Valley in 1984. For the time being, though, all
I'm asking for are five bits of information about wood kilns you know of:

1) Name of kiln owner or responsible party
2) Mailing address
3) Phone number
4) email address (where applicable)
5) brief description of kiln

Additionally, if you don't have a wood kiln, but would still be interested in
information on the conference, I'd be glad to add your name and address to
another list being developed for that purpose. Just understand that mailings
probably won't be forthcoming until the year of the conference.

One further note, please send this information to me, John Neely, at:
and NOT TO CLAYART. Lest there be any confusion, this means PLEASE DO NOT USE
THE REPLY BUTTON in your mail software, use SEND and my address instead.
Discussion of wood firing, conferences, etc., would be fine on CLAYART but I
don't want to be responsible for a flood "Me, too's" to the list.

Thanks much,

John Neely

BTW, if you'd rather, snail mail still works fine:

John Neely
Dept. of Art
Utah State University
Logan, UT 84322-4000