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1st annual clayarters gallery--naples, me (summmer 1997):note #1

updated sat 30 nov 96


Talbott on wed 20 nov 96

Having received about inquires from about 40 potters so far I
thought that I would put this post out to everyone...I am working on some
details--here are some more ideas-- what do you think about this????
Please let me hear your opinion--

This is how it will probably work....At this point I am leaning
towards not jurying. Basically the participants will ship their business
cards and/or brochures, and of course the piece (or pieces) of pottery
along with a fee for return shipping of the pottery. Each potter will set
the selling price for their work and it will be price marked accordingly.
Their pottery will be displayed in my gallery so that the identity of the
maker is known and the pots will be sold to buying customers. If there is
a "lot" of interest then I may have to limit the numbers of pieces that I
can accept. Some of the pottery will be displayed in the outdoor portion of
my gallery. I typically display much of my own pottery outside -- customers
seem to enjoy it as well... I will take a consignment fee of probably
40-50% (not sure yet) of the consignment sales-- the unsold pottery will be
shipped back to the owners shortly after Labor Day. A check for the amount
of the sale and any unused return shipping fees less my consignment fee
will be sent out to those potters whose pottery sold.
I know this may seem one-sided and if it does I would like for you
to give me your honest opinion of how this proposal sounds-- bear in mind
that I will have advertisement costs, additional display shelves to
manufacture, organization and handling (packing and shipping),and
bookkeeping time spent for the event...And beyond a shadow of a doubt I
will not be able to make my proposal meet with everyones preferences. The
event, if it happens, will start on or about June 28 and go through the
labor day weekend-- some have expressed an interest in a gathering of
clayarters on a certain day(s) with a planned agenda--
In summary this is a way for potters to advertise and display their
work to new potential customers and a way to eventually create a common
gathering place for an assemblage of clayarters. I would appreciate your
opinion of this proposal. Please be honest I have thick skin...(I hope)...

Take Care--Marshall

Marshall Talbott
Pottery By Celia
Route 114
P.O. Box 4116
Naples, Maine 04055-4116
(207)693-6100 voice and fax