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a change in college

updated mon 31 mar 97


BECCA on thu 13 mar 97

Just Curious........

My Ceramics Instructor has been commenting recently in a change that has =
occurring in college art classes. He says that college is becoming more a
business than a teaching institution. Because of this it is consuming the =
he spends with his students, and in his studio. He has to participate in =
of meaningless and stressful meetings, and is constantly doing paper work.
To support his argument: The students are always complaining that he is not
spending enough time with them. Most of the time when I need to talk to him =
more than an hour he is busy doing something for some school committee or =
that I never knew existed. On top of that this semester he has two major =
(not involved with the school) so he is harder than ever to pin down. Our =
graduate students are left to take care of most of the students problems =
they are wonderful grads=3B they seem to know everything about clay=21).

Has anyone else noticed or experienced this problem? If this is the case =
will happen to those extremely talented artists who also teach art classes?
Will they have to stop teaching because they have no time to spend in their
studios? If this continues it may scare off future artists from teaching. =
many students may be deprived of the wonderful experiences and skills that =
artists have to offer.

Am I over reacting? What do all of you think?

Maybe all the rain here is soaking my brain too much............