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adams county wonderful house/studio

updated sun 31 aug 97


Jane Aebersold on wed 30 jul 97

I responded to Cahtie Fields, who asked about house in Adams County, PA.
she responded that she had heard from others from the list who are also
looking, so I'm taking the liberty of posting this to the list.

Cathie, I am--and I also have a great house and studio for you. We are in
Adams County about 20 minutes north of Gettysburg. My husband and i both
work at Gettysburg College, but he has just accepted a position elsewhere
and thus I have to leave my wonderful house. I'll give you a brief
description of it, my realtors name and phone, and some background on clay
as I know it. You can also call or email me, but after about 3 today I'll
be off email and from tomorrow until aug 9th I'll be in colorado.

I have worked in clay for 30 some years--primarily as teacher at Bennington
College in VT and also privately in my own studio. I haven't actively
promoted my work in the last few years, or tried to develop a market here so
i can't say too much about that from personal experieince. however, there
is room in this area for a good potter--don't know what market you are
aiming at, could probably make more senes about that if I knew your intentions.

..>I was wondering if anyone on the list was currently working as a potter in
>Adams, York, or Lancaster counties in PA
>My husband and I just came back
>from looking at houses in York and Lancaster counties and are interested in
>your views on living/working there. I know there are lots of craft fairs in
>Lancaster Co. and lots of tourism in the PA Dutch areas,

>but what about when
>you get off the beaten path.
> We're wondering if we find a house we like whether we'll be able to
>build an outdoor gas fired kiln on the property (zoning requirements?).
>We're only looking at properties that are already zoned commercial, but I
>don't know what that means in terms of kilns.

Our house, which i'd love to sell (at all, but to a clay worker, great!) is
20 min from Gettysburg, from Carlisle,
45 from Harrisburg, hour or so from the Lancaster/York area, 2 from Philly,
Balrtimore, DC. we are about 10 minutes away from Route 15. That said, we
are in the country, off the beaten path for sure, have a renovated turn of
the century farmhouse--(modernized, but well done and very livable). My
studio is in the walkout basement, wired for skutt 1227, concrete floor,
with both a bulkhead door and a regular door. There is a small barn. we
have 25 acres, some pasture and woods, a stocked bass pond and look across
the road to view of rolling hills and pastures. It is very quiet. And, no
zoning. My realtor, Jeff Schaeffer, Remax of Gburg, is at 1-800-765-3280.
If ours doesn't fit your fancy he is very good with his knowledge of the
area and could work with you on the zoning to answer all those questions.

If I can answer any questions, be in touch.

Regards, Jane

Jane Aebersold
Box 399
Gettysburg College, Gettysburg PA 17325
phone 717-337-6588
fax 717-337-6906

Bob Stryker on fri 1 aug 97

> .>I was wondering if anyone on the list was currently working as a potter in
> >Adams, York, or Lancaster counties in PA

Ah memories! I began my career as a glaze development technician in
York, PA for the Pfaltzgraff Company in 1985. I recall several gas and
woodfire potteries in the area, including one called "Star Pottery", but
I would recommend calling Denny at Penn-Mo Firebrick (sorry, can't seem
to locate their phone number) in Harrisburg in order to get some current

York and Lancaster are really lovely areas and at least at the time,
livin' was really cheap! I rented a 750 sq. ft. studio/showroom in
"downtown" York, right next to the Central Market for about $100/month.

The area is neatly within reach of Baltimore, Philadelphia and D.C.-but
is pretty much unspoiled farmland. I think it's a pretty ideal

Good Luck!
Bob Stryker
Minnesota Clay
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