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air filtration systems - addendum

updated mon 31 mar 97


The Shelfords on tue 18 mar 97

Re Richard's suggestion of ground level filtration:
It occurs to me (after hitting the send button, naturally) that having said
the permanent studio is a couple of years away, that I may get only
responses dealing with the "ideal" system. But I need something for the
temporary set-up in the garage, which is why I was asking about the Bailey
or similar. But maybe even the Bailey can be made to work at ground level,
sprawling like an octopus of intake tubes? I will have to ask the
manufacturer, obviously, but total ignorance of how things work and how
effective the technology should be expected to be, makes one vulnerable to
being "sold". Which is why I hope there is some experience out there to be
tapped. Thanks.
- Veronica
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