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airbrush question

updated fri 28 feb 97


Susan Stern on sun 23 feb 97


I'd like to hear everyone's views on the best airbrush for glazes. My
college teacher is willing to look into buying one and has asked me to pose
this question to the group. We currently are working with a miserable mouth
atomizer that's taped to a compressor (don't worry - no ingesting glazes this
way!) but it takes three hands to handle it and it's a royal pain. Is there
a type of airbrush that won't jam up because of the thickness of the glazes
and is relatively simple to keep clean?

I'll thank you all know for your replies and sit back and watch them roll on
in.... :-)

Bruce Lenore on mon 24 feb 97

hi susie. I have been using a pasche airbrush with the largest tip,#5,
for detail work, (underglazes or stains) and I use a spray gun from
sears for the glazes when I need more volume. The major factor is the
particle size you want to spray, and keeping it in suspension. Some
glazes will have a tendancy to seperate when thinned too much. This
has been a trial and error process for me over a long period but has
worked fine. Another factor is the place you are spraying. Airborne
particle size is more dangerous and should be vented through a spray
booth. These can be simple to make or you can find commercial ones if
you have more of a budget. I would be happy to give you more info if
you need it. Bruce Lenore P.S. I do alot of
raku so the glaze thickness is less of a concern than for functional