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updated fri 31 may 96 on wed 15 may 96

Margaret Hsu asked about using a Paasche airbrush to glaze.

Margaret, an airbrush is fine for terra sigillata, underglazes, watered down
enough. Glaze is too thick to spray without jamming, even through a #5 tip
on Paasche. What you would need is a sprayer. Look in many ceramic
catalogues. Phone the ones with 800 no.s and get some help from the
techies. Be sure to know in advance if your compressor requires a bleeder
or non-bleeder sprayer. Some people are raving about the Critter sprayer
advertised in C.M. It would have less control than a spray gun and requires
non-bleeder type compressor, I think. I have tried phoning the 800# in the
ad and only get a voice message. They never phone back. Maybe because it
is in Canada and it costs them too much.

THat is the entire extent of my expertise. Good luck. Bacia
P.S. Saw your home page. Dragons impressive. It is certainly not that
size that you hope to spray, is it?
You'd have to take those columns outdoors unless your spray booth is as
large as a room.