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airbrush/mason stains/maria petratou

updated thu 31 jul 97


Sylvia See on wed 2 jul 97

Maria doesn't airbrush her mason stains, she paints the mason stains just
as you would paint with water colors. The clear glaze, preferrabley cone 06
to 05, was airbrushed over the painted pots.
I have 2 sprayers that I use for this. One is a Pasche sprayer, blue metal
handle holds 2 oz. bottles. I found that it cut the glass jars terribly,
and switched to plastic bottles. The other I just got and have only used a
couple of times. It is called an Eze Spray gun and very simple to operate.
Both drip alot and I haven't solved that problem. I also have a pasche
airbrush, not like the sprayers at all. Very tediuos for spraying glaze and
continually have to clean it. Great for decoration though and you just have
to continue cleaning it. Try thinning your glaze more, and I use mason
stains in the glaze for airbrushing. Use a little veegum so they are not so
powdery and easier to handle. Have to say I really like this Eze spray gun
better so far, it is so easy to adjust and clean, and holds 3 to 4 times
the glaze in the jar. Also almost half the price.
Back to Maria. I just got back my pictures of the pieces she painted on
for us last year. I am going to take them to a friend who has a scanner,
and will post a few as attachments, when I get them. Anyone have any
suggestions for the best format to send as an attachment. I thought either
JPG or BMP should be universal to most systems.
She's not on the internet that I know of, as we discussed computers and
internet and she didn't have a computer and wasn't on the net last summer.
They did have the magazine, kerameiki techni, on the net a few months ago
but I couldn't find it to send the site address the other day.
A note on your airbrush, I keep a bucket of clean water near where I
airbrush, and I periodically leave the compressor running and put the brush
in the water, jar removed, and put your finger over the needle while
pressing the pressure button and it will blow the line clear that goes into
the jar, then put the stem in the water, remove your finger and press the
pressure button and just spray water throw the needle until it is clear.
Alot less work than disassembling each time. I just do that at the end of a
days glazing.
Sylvia See Claresholm, Alberta