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an addendum to dustin martin's reply to apprentice

updated mon 30 sep 96


Dawne Jenelle Fowkes on tue 17 sep 96

To all clayarters,
Thought I would throw my two cents in and I ditto what Dusty Martin said.
I too was a member of his graduating class at KCAI and I did go on to grad
school. First off, the grad school I attended was a non- traditional (read:
university) MFA program where the department head definitely laid it on the
line about what to expect outside of the "cloistered MFA enviornment". But
it still doesn't compare with the real world and it shouldn't.
John Glick does have a terrific setup for those interested in apprenticing.
I have heard lots of good things the "real life studio experience" and how
it prepares you for being on your own. Dusty is right when he says that
opportunities like that are difficult to come by. The only other
possibilities would be an artist in residencies at places on the order of
Pewabic Pottery in Detroit?
Good luck Dusty at Notre Dame and drop me a line soon. I have been
wondering what you've been up to.......................

Dawne Jenelle Fowkes