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another basement studio (animal preserve?)

updated sun 30 jun 96


Lynn Fredrickson on sat 8 jun 96

HI everybody,

Its been really fun reading about the various studios. I, too, pot in
the basement but since I live in a very old house and apparently have not
yet patched up all the holes in the foundation, I get plenty of wildlife to
keep me company and liven up my days.

Just this morning I found a dead snake (small and not poisonous) at
the foot of the basement stairs as I went down. At least this one was in one
piece because the cats have finally decided not to tear them up and strew the
bloody pieces all over the place! I d rather find them alive, even tho the
wiggling bothers me, so I can carry them outside before the cats find them.

Other creatures that have joined me underground (besides my three
dogs) have been a chipmunk, rats, mice, a yellow shafted flicker, and the
most interesting - a whole pile of writhing, polka dotted salamanders that
washed in after a heavy rain. My son carried those out three or four at a
time. I m thrilled to see even one salamander but this pile was amazing!

I d rather be in a studio with a view, but so far its been pretty
exciting down here.

Lynn Fredrickson
Fredonia, Wisconsin, USA