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another belgian potter!

updated wed 30 apr 97


Russel Fouts on thu 3 apr 97


Welcome to the world of clay!

Sorry I can't help you with the raku glazes, It's been about 20 years since
I did raku. Good luck finding something, though. If you want, I can
recommend some books.

Where are you a student? How long have you been working.

I'm working out of a basement studio in Brussels using a smoke
firing technique I developed using my electric kiln. It works pretty well,
people (including me) are pretty excited about the process.

So electric isn't bad, or second best, it's just another technique. I can
also recommend some great books on electric firing if you like.

>> I'm a new student in clay in a belgium school but the teacher are very
individualist ... <<

If you mean that people in Belgium seem reluctant to share techniques,
you're right. This is especially sad when it's a teacher that won't share.
It's interesting, some of the same people who complain about it are also
reluctant to share. You won't find this true on this list. Sometimes you
might be overwealmed by the response you get to a question.

Good luck,

Russel (Unless Zarathoustra IS your real name, you should use your real
name here.)

* Russel Fouts, CI$: 100021,23,
Bruxelles, Belgium
Internet: 100021.23@CompuServe.Com

"It took more then one man to change my name to Shanghai Lil."