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updated wed 6 sep 00


Ann Peters on tue 22 apr 97

I9m looking for a work/study experience . . .

. . . with a production potter who could use my assistance in
exchange for room and board, or a small salary, and an opportunity to
sell. I9d like to be involved in production, sales and possibly
teaching under the guidance of someone who makes their living as a
potter. My preference would be somewhere in western Canada, for at
least a four month period, sometime in the coming year.

I9m an amateur working at the Guild of Crafts in Yellowknife, NWT with
fair throwing ability, fond of hand building, and currently doing a
lot of decorating with coloured engobes. Familiar with glaze mixing,
firing electric kilns, some equipment maintenance, have taught adults
and teens, and I9ve been treasurer for our Guild for the past three
years. A more detailed resume and references are available.

If you9d like to talk, or have any suggestions for me, please email me
directly. Thanks!

Ann Peters
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

Aime Kellner on tue 5 sep 00

in ceramics. I
am looking for an apprenticeship or production pottery studio anywhere in the country. I am a potter and
prefer wood and salt firings.