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apprenticeship opportunities

updated sun 31 mar 96 on wed 20 mar 96

The Rochester Folk Art Guild is offering apprenticeship training in a
production pottery, learning clay and glaze making, loading kilns, throwing,
hand-building, surface decoration, sharing a well-equiped studio with three
other potters. Openings for beginner to intermediate levels with Guild
instructors with over 25 years of experience available beginning June 15.

Our Apprenticeship program is designed for young people who are searching for a
practical, hands-on approach to learning and living. Working alongside
experienced master craftspeople, participants are offered a focus in Pottery,
Weaving, Woodworking or Glassblowing. Apprentices live at the Guild, taking
part in the daily life of the community, sharing the work as well as the
seasonal celebrations and numerous special events. In addition to working in
one or more of the craft shops, apprentices share in resident activities
which include meal preparation, cleaning and gardening depending on the

The Guild is located at East Hill Farm in the Finger Lakes Region of
upstate New York, about 1 hr. south of Rochester. Plenty of time is
available for apprentices to explore the surrounding ponds, fields, woods
and lakes. The physical beauty of the surroudings evokes themes in the
crafts and provides natural materials such as wood, wool, vines and clay.

For more information contact:

Ann Schliffer
1445 Upper Hill Rd
Middlesex, NY 14507
(716) 554-3539

or Michael Hunter

Ann Schliffer will be attending the NCECA conference in Rochester and
would be happy to set up appointments with anyone interested. Please
phone her at the above number.