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updated wed 30 apr 97


"Rafael Molina-Rodriguez (Rafael Molina-Rodriguez Rafael on mon 21 apr 97

Millie :

At one of the schools I teach at I fire in an ancient Paragon High Fire
square top loading kiln. I've requested a new Paragon TnF 24-3 and the
Head of the art department assured me it would be given the highest
priority. We'll see.

The old Paragon has a mechanicall shut off Dawson kiln sitter. I place a
small cone 7 in the sitter. I do this because the cone is at the wall of the
kiln where the elements are and of course it's hotter. In the center of the
shelves it's a little cooler.


>>> millie carpenter 04/20/97 09:14am
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Hi--I have seen this notation of ^6 (^7 in the sitter)a few times and I
am a little confused. If you are firing to ^6, why ^7 in the sitter?

millie in maryland

> The following is the best ash glaze I've gleaned from CeramicsWeb and
> Clayart :
> Ash Glaze ^ 6 Ox (^ 7 in sitter. From Lowell Baker)