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updated wed 30 apr 97


barbara lund on sat 12 apr 97

At 11:09 AM 4/11/97 EDT, you wrote:
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Last year, with a lot of help from Tom Buck and some of the other Clayart
>gurus, I adjusted one of the old Daniel Rhodes ash glazes.
>Original recipe (Cone 9-10):
>Mixed hard wood ash 35
>Oxford spar 35
>China clay 15
>Talc 15
>Adapted recipe (Cone 6-9---Oxidation):
>Mixed hard wood ash 28
>G-200 feldspar 36
>Dolomite 10
>OM4 ball clay 21
>EPK Kaolin 5
> + CMC
>Hi, this is a different person checking in. I would like to try this glaze
but I don't know about how to wash the ash. Do you weigh it out in dry form
first?(I heat with red oak so that is what my ashes will be) and how do you
wash it. Wring it out, dry on a towell...? Any info would be welcome.
Thanks, Barb What size ash? The powder at the back of the stove or larger
chunks nearer the front.

Carolyn Broadwell on mon 14 apr 97

Washing Ashes!
There may be a faster way, but when I was doing ash glazes for my M.A.,
I filled a large plastic barrel with two-thirds ash, then filled it with
water. Let it settle, and repeated this a couple of times. Then I
siphoned off all the water I could, and spread the ash slurry on
shelves, and dried it in the kiln with the pilot on. Then sieved it. Use
the dry and sifted ash by weight in glazes. A big job, but I had ash for
years for glazes. Finally left it behind in New Mexico somewhere, when I
moved to Hawaii.