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updated tue 30 apr 96


Frank A. Pishkur on sat 6 apr 96

On Fri, 5 Apr 1996 FMIRANDA@alpha.CC.OBERLIN.EDU wrote:

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> I am looking for a low tech (and I mean low tech) spray gadget that looks
> like 2 small tubes, when extended form right angles. You stick one end into
> the glaze, the other into your mouth and blow (remember to blow...). I had
> one once, and have searched in vain. Zakin describes it in his book.
> Judy at Axner? Anyone know where I can order one of these doo-hickeys?

I may be wrong but I believe that what you are refering to is called
something like a aspirator. It is used quite a bit in watercolors and
probably can be ordered in a general art supply catalogue such as Dick Blick.

Frank A. Pishkur
in N. Indiana where it is too damn cold to be Good Friday....