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updated wed 31 jul 96 on sat 6 jul 96

One of my students is moving to Pittsburgh the end of this month and would
like to continue her work in the Pittsburgh area. If there is anyone out
there who knows of any good places to study (art centers etc.) I would like
to pass on your recommendations.

Many thanks.


Kenneth A. Moore on sun 14 jul 96

At 08:58 AM 7/6/96 EDT, you wrote:
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>One of my students is moving to Pittsburgh the end of this month and would
>like to continue her work in the Pittsburgh area.


Sorry for the late response to this post, but I've just returned from a week
at Touchstone Center for Crafts. It's about an hour and a half east of
Pittsburg. This would be a great place for your friend to attend some
weekend or week-long hands-on workshops. Also, they may know about potter's
guilds, etc. in that area. Their home page is at

Please feel free to e-mail me if she/he would like any more details.

Julie Moore
Dirty Bird Pottery
Manassas, VA
.....still looking for a used pugmill....I'll pay shipping

Joshua Green on tue 16 jul 96

Just to add more to the discussion of ceramics opportunities in Pittsburgh...
Manchester Craftsmen's Guild works primarily with teenagers from
throughout the city, but we do have some adult education offerings in
the form of weeky classes, three hours in duration and meeting one time
each week.

We also have some opportunities for artists in the community to interact
with nationally known figures in the clay field in two- five day
workshop environments. The next of these scheduled for October 17-20 is
with Andrea Gill.

Our highschool students are also doing some great work with internet
design. Check out their web site at:
we are currently updating the site, so watch for new developments later
in the Summer. You can have your student contact me with an address
once she relocates and I will add her to our mailing list.

Joshua Green, Director of Educational Programs
1815 Metropolitan St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

P.S. The Carnegie Museum of Art and Pittsburgh Center for the Arts also
offer Adult Education Classes. Also based at the Center for the Arts is
the Craftsmen's Guild of Pittsburgh, which is a professional
organization supporting studio craftspeople in the region.