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updated thu 31 jul 97


Vince Pitelka on sat 19 jul 97

I have a former student named Kerry Ebersole who finished her BFA last
December, and is currently serving an apprenticeship at the Moravian Tile
Works. I visited her there last week, and she is thriving, and is enjoying
learning about production tile-work. For her BFA thesis she did a very
impressive exhibiton of carved-relief terracotta tile panels. She is a very
competent, quiet, responsible, good natured young woman, and she does not
want to come back to Cookeville, Tennessee. She has grown up with a very
healthy hard-work ethic, and approaches any task set before her with high
energy and good nature.

If you know of any tile-makers who need a good, hard-working employee, Kerry
would be perfect. If she finds the right position, I am confident that she
would stick with it for at least three or four years, and perhaps longer,
depending on how the position evolves. If you can help in any way, please
email me personally at , and please pass this message
on to anyone else who might be able to assist. I am leavingfor the West
Coast on Wednesday, and will be gone almost a month, so if possible get back
to me in the next few days, and I will pass any information on to Kerry.
- Vince

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