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attn: teachers (survey) take 2.

updated sat 30 nov 96


Karl David Knudson on thu 21 nov 96

Hello again! My education survey has been getting 3 people asking for
results for every 2 that respond to the survey. Included in the list of
people wanting this information is my professor, George Kokis, who may be
interested in the results for possible use in a panel discussion on
education at the 1998(?) NCECA conference. With the recent clayart mail
problem, I've decided to repost my original question. Trend data
works better the more there is, so please reply.

Thank you to those who have responded and those who will.

Please reply to me personally to decrease traffic on Clayart.

1. Where are you located?

2. How many students do you graduate per year? (BFA/MFA)

3. What is the primary direction of your program? For instance, does
your program focus more on concept art such as installations; "art
critic art"(for lack of a better term) ie sculpture, gallery or
pedastal art; or utilitarian art ie cups, baking dishes, platters.
If you have additional gorupings please feel free to add them.

4. If there is no primary direction that tends to be emphasized, what
would you guess the percentages of each type above are?

Thanks for your participation.
Karl in Eugene