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ball mill contraption answer

updated sun 31 aug 97


Marcia Selsor on mon 18 aug 97

Lesley Alexander wrote:

=3E ----------------------------Original
=3E message----------------------------
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=3E There=92s been discussion about how to make a drum
=3E for ball milling. I already have a commercial jar and balls, a motor,
=3E a 12=22
=3E flywheel etc=3B but can=92t seem to build a contraption to make it grind
=3E without
=3E going awry. Does anyone
=3E have any suggestions?

Dear Lesley,
I use an old (it was old when I started teaching here 23 years ago)
homemade ball mill which I refurbished several years ago.
Here goes:
Start with a box shaped stand six inches longer than your jars. Get
two solid steel rods 1=22d. with one long enough to extend over the edge
of the stand to be driven by a pulley.
You need three free wheeling bearings and one V grooved pulley about
8=22d. and a small V groove pulley on the shaft of the motor. (I am
assuming your motor is a standard 1/4 HP 1725 RPMs.)
Suspend the Motor on a hinge under the stand so that the weight of the
motor pulls the V belt taut. (size of V belt depends on the contruction
of the stand).
Cover the steel rods with radiator hose (tricky but use soap). Mount
rods on top perfectly parallel.
To run for any long period of time, lubricate the bearings with oil (3
in =21 will do).
Make sure the weight on the ball jars doesn't allow them to creep into
bearings. Use a mounted stopper (a free wheeling plastic or rubber
If you have any further questions, just ask. I am more visually oriented
and would prefer drawing a picture.
-- I always leave a message warning the Security Guards because the
thing is so noisy over night in a lonely building on campus I don't want
to scare them and I don't want them turning it off.
Marcia Selsor