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basic raku glaze foul-up, so sorry!

updated tue 31 dec 96


Samantha Tomich,not Anita, not Peter on tue 10 dec 96

Sorry everybody!!

originally posted by me in response to J. Kaplan's request for raku
glazes a couple I use and these two I am not familiar with, but sounded
like a good ones to try:

>Also, in glazebase tons of 80-20 copper types, A couple of >Red Lusters plus th

>Blue Black Purple submitted by Debbie Altschwager
>Rake cone 08-06 ox or redux.

>Gerstley Borate 50
>Neph sy 50

>Copper Carb 50 for Tomatoe Red: Copper ox. 20
>Rutile 50 and Red Iron ox. 5

>comments: apply 1 coat. they fire 1830-1900 deg. surface
>like 100 grit sandpaper. Colored from silver blue to silver >bronze with flashe
>spectrum, lots of bright teal and purple with halos of
>fuschia and mustard, once in a while red

two different glazes, sorry about the confusion. Blue Black Purple has
copper carb 50 and rutile 50 (these are volume!!) and Tomatoe Red has
Copper Ox 20 and red iron ox 5 (and these are by weight!!!) I didn't
understand that the Blue Black Purple was by volume. So how would you
measure it?

Samantha Tomich
Paauilo, Hawaii