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batman bats

updated fri 9 nov 01


Kurt Wild on mon 24 mar 97

I am trying to locate throwing bats that are similar to ones I purchased
quite a few years ago from "Batman" in San Diego. They are 3/4" thick
with a masonite like side and pots release very nicely just about the
time they are ready to trim. I'm not interested in other bats like
"Plastibats" etc. only something some one would know is just like the
old "Batman" bats.

Marty Morgan on wed 7 nov 01

I have some 3/4" thick bats with a masonite surface and pressed wood center
which were made by a company called Batman in San Diego. They hold up
really well (20 years so far) and don't warp.
I'd love to get some more. Anyone have a clue as to whether these are being
produced anywhere?
Marty Morgan
Gloucester, MA
...a lurker who will hit the big 60 on December 22. Have been making pots
for 30+ years. Bought a Brent model C from Robert when he was making and
selling them out of his garage in Laguna Beach in 1970 - still works like
new. Built my dream kiln in 1979 - John Baymore designed 60cu ft crossdraft
car kiln, the car gets loaded inside my studio, but rolls outside to be
fired. If you're reading this, John, I finally hooked up a boat trailer
winch so I can move this baby in and out all by myself.