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bats in pants

updated fri 24 oct 97


Mel Jacobson on thu 2 oct 97

ok, so i use bats....mostly all the kill me.
tall things i pluck off. mugs i pluck. vases and pitchers i pluck.
but all bowls, plates, and platters have nice thick heavy bats.
hate warped bowls. gotta dry flat.

if i could get my ware boards to stay flat always i would be a happy
man...but i use heavy plywood on my racks to accept bats....
keep all the room flat and you make flat pots.

and remember i had 180 kids a day in my high school studio...bats
do fly around....and is it a mess...not everyday...but once a week.
and i always loved seeing a pot the size of a walnut, on a 12 inch bat, in
the middle of a beings. if you could not find
things to laugh at, all day long, with 180 kids....get a new job.
when we did have a bat fly, knock off a great big bucket of water...we
would yell..`oil spill`.......everyone help! and they did...10 kids and i
would jump in and clean up the kid and the floor...made a big joke and
production out of the poor kid....they did not mean to do it.

do not ,DO NOT send any money to one can do that.
please do not do that. we will work out everything in march.
face to face.

we will have elections, commit officers to duties, collect big fat dues,
and wreck clayart. keep things simple....find a place to
laugh, meet and talk. no organization.............just fun and be together.
this is simple for me...just let me do it. it is like giving a gift.
if this group attending nceca has a great time, shares stuff, and
establishes a way to meet each year.....i will be paid a million times.