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bean pot lids and horsehair thanks

updated fri 31 jan 97


Timothy & Lauren Loftus on wed 8 jan 97

Hello all,

My mother has a bean pot and it has never had a lid as far back as I can
remember. I'm sure she would love for me to make a lid for it. The pot is
medium sized, with a stamped decoration and a great green glaze, with a band
of some other dark color (haven't seen the pot in a while, can't remember!)

Vince Pitelka mentioned a lid style in one of his bean pot posts, and
someone else did, too, but I can't quite visualize it. Is it a domed lid, or
flat, and with what kind of handle? Or is there a standard at all?

Also, thanks for everyone's horsehair input. We rakued, we did horsehair, we
were happy! The horse (currently still alive and well and eating grass- not
dead!) had thin hair, but it worked well.

In the true raku spirit, we yanked bits of our own hair out to offer to the
pottery. Some of it appears to have melted onto the top of the pot, but
there were strange white lines, too. We thought maybe at different
temperatures, we got different results. We don't know when the pot hit 1200
degrees, because it had been fired up with the other glazed pots.

Anyway, thanks to all, and looking forward to bean pot lid info!

Lauren Loftus
in Louisiana where last week the weather was lovely and warm, and now it is
horrible, cold and wet.