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best little oregon kiln

updated sat 31 may 97 on wed 14 may 97

Subject: Re: best little oregon kiln

?----------------------------Original message of mel jacobson
>CORRECTION.. the brick to be used in this kiln is used softbrick...not
>firebrick....k23's.. sorry.
>and it is so nice to know that there about 5 of these kilns built already
>across america....don h. at western oregon has the perfect one fired with
>6"venturi burners...cone 10 in 5 hours. way to go don...(of course he
>knows what he is doing) i back dated his permission request. :)
> but without question i have posted this kiln idea to stimulate many
>of you that are waiting and waiting to build a gas kiln and it is time....
>this is so easy that it is hardly worth worrying about it... just go build
> mel/minnesota/former designer of the best little kiln in the world.
>we will pass that banner to don hoskinsson. (at least he is nordic)


Thanks for the permission. Thanks for the recognition. I sent
the post to you. It was kind of you to share the fun on the list.
It takes us ol' nordic curmudgeons (Nils Lou included) to want
to build small flat top top loading kilns. I think that makes us
honorary or ornery members of the Flat Earth Society (my
apologies to any serious members).

To The List,

The interior of our kiln is 27" x 27" x 31" h, two burners one each
side of the stack, single brick thick walls (K23s--4 1/2"), salt ports
front corners half way up from floor, three 8" x 16" shelves front
to back, and sprayed with ITC 100 (interior). It took Nils and I an
afternoon to build it. It will be hooked up to natural gas. Right now
I am using propane. The first firing took 7 hrs to ^10. The second
firing took 5 hrs to ^10. The second firing took about 5 gal. to fire.
I start it with a 5 gal. tank, then switch to a 10 gal. tank to finish.
Since it is temporary I haven't hooked up the tanks in line. It is held
together with predrilled angle iron, strap, and turnbuckles (and some
nuts and bolts). The only tools needed are a hacksaw and a wrench
or two.

As mel says it's easy. It requires no special tools or training to
build or plumb.

Don (Oregon flat topper)

Don Hoskisson
Western Oregon University