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best sellers: pasta bowl

updated thu 31 oct 96


Vince Pitelka on tue 8 oct 96

In Northern California, which contains more kitchen/gourmet shops per capita
than anywhere else in the country, and where I use to sell my wares, a pasta
bowl is generally just a wide low bowl, sometimes with a wide slanted flange
lip, which allows the pasta to be tossed with sauce and other additions.
The perforated bowl mentioned in today's posts is of course just a
collander, and is not necessarily for pasta. Personally, I think that
ceramic collanders suck, as compared to a good commercial cook's collander.
But then again, I used to sell tons of pie/quiche plates to the above
kitchen/gourmet shops, and I sold fluted plates, which look good but are
very hard to clean, ten to one over non-fluted plates. Maybe the same is
true of ceramic collanders.
- Vince

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