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booth canopies

updated tue 30 apr 96


Susan Wagener on sun 7 apr 96

I, too, am new to the list and enjoy reading every day the ideas that pass
through my mail box from around the world.

In Bloomington Indiana (where I am) we have what's called a 4th Street Art
Festival every year. I have seen chairs that have either a golf umbrella or or
a beach umbrella attached to the owners chair. I've seen this in Dallas Texas
too where I lived for seven years. This would protect you from sun rays and
their hazards but let others enjoy viewing your pottery in the glory of sunlight
and give you more time to sell instead of putting up and tearing down a booth.

Just a thought...

Susan Wagener
Bloomington Indiana

Where the 17.5 inches of snow (frozen spring) from two weeks ago has finally