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broken vase ;-(

updated wed 30 apr 97


Florence Cazenave on fri 18 apr 97

----------------------------- Help!----------------------------------------
I just bought a very big and heavy handbuilt vase (stoneware, glaze Hamada).
Its dimensions are: base "4, middle/top "9, height "23. I put some water in
it and had no problem for 1 week. Then, I removed the water and replaced it
by some hot water from the tap and a little bit of chlorox to clean it. At
that time, the vase started to lick at the base. One inch above the foot,
one can see a little dotted line. The glaze is cracked ...
Do you think that I caused this with my cleaning (I did not shock the vase)?
Is there any way I could make it waterproof again?? I really love it and use
it for my ikebanas ... Many thanks!

Elca Branman on sun 20 apr 97

Any leaky vase that I love gets an insert of some plastic form..whether a
pickle container or a quart delicatessen container..Voila, no more leaks
and nobody except me knows....Elca
Branman Potters
in Stone Ridge ,N.Y.
in the Hudson Valley