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updated wed 30 apr 97


Marcia Selsor on mon 21 apr 97

I read many years ago a whole list of BTUs/various types of fuel. The
breakdown included elm, oak, maple, etc and various weights of oil,
diesel, kerosene, motor oil, etc.
I remember that elm (unfortunately not much around any more)
had the equivalent btus as coal per weight.
It is important to realize that the burning and release of those btu's
can vary according to the size of the piece being burned. While pine
is not as high as oak for btus, it will release heat quickly especially
if split into small slices. Pine is also easy to split since it is a
soft wood. I used to split 2x4s into shaving slices
and the kiln would really climb in temperature! Fir firing with wood,
especially for stoking at the high temperature, the pine should be
no bigger than lathe (about 1.5"x 1/4" by whatever lenghth fits into
your fire box).
Marcia in Montana

Marcia Selsor