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burner safety device-

updated sun 31 aug 97


Lance Philip Strugar on tue 12 aug 97

Marshall asked about a method to maintain his firing schedule during
a power failure. Although I'm not familiar with MK-1 burner, I
thought of a possible solution that is fairly inexpensive.
I would expect your system to have a power transformer, which
precludes the use of DC; or at least complicates it. You could use
a simple computer UPS. Check the amp or watt rating of your burner
and control circuitry. If you can't find that information, you might
find an electrician friend with an amp meter. Measure the current
with all burners on, calculate the wattage (120 volts times the
measured current), then go to your local computer store and tell
them that you want to run for however many hours you need at that
particular wattage. Most computer UPS's are rated for about 200 watts,
and will run for 20 minutes or so. If you use less wattage (and
I expect the valves on your burners use considerably less), the time
I would resist the temptation to bypass the safety device; but
realize that this advice comes from a guy that tapes the handle on
his lawnmower. Forgive the apparent hypocrisy, but there are some
safety systems that even I wouldn't bypass.

Lance Philip Strugar