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updated mon 30 sep 96


John Baymore on sat 21 sep 96

From: Roeder
Subject: Miami Cork Raku burner

........I would like to get an additional burner set up like the one from
catalog, which consists of:
85,000 BTU Venturi Burner
10' Hose
Ball Valve
Pressure Guage

Is this something readily available? .......

Candice Roeder
enjoying a crisp Michigan morning


You should try Harry Dedell, of Dedell Gas Burner at RR#1 Box 2135 Newfane, VT
05345. He can be reached at 802-365-4575. Great guy. Lots of knowledge. Very
helpful. He sells a unit like what you describe. HIs burners are Ransome
units. Might even have been the source for Miami Cork's unit.

Harry was one of the driving forces behind Cutter Ceramics back in the 70's and
early 80's. He "saw the handwriting on the wall" and left before the company
lost their customer service focus (just before they went out of business ).
Before that, he owned New England Ceramic and Kiln Supply in Brookfield CT
(which was sold to Cutter), another excellent potter's supplier.

Harry and I have worked on many a kiln project together over the past 20 years.
I just used him as the supplier for the venturi burners for the kiln I did at an
art school in CT. He is great to work with.

The usual discalimer....... I have no commercial affiliation with products sold
by Harry, etc., etc., etc..


John Baymore
River Bend Pottery
22 Riverbend Way
Wilton, NH 03086