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burner tip failure

updated thu 31 oct 96


William Brouillard on wed 9 oct 96

Burner tip oxidation

If you are using black iron pipe as the mixing tube of your burner

and the end of the pipe is oxidizing and getting blown into the kiln along

with the gas/air mixture you may want to mount a flame retention tip

on the end of the pipe, (mixing tube).Retention tips come in many sizes

and are made to fit on the end of a threaded pipe. You just screw them on.

Check the distance from the outside of the kiln wall to the front

face of the burner tip. You should have 2.5 to 4 inches of clearance

between the two. Setting the burner tip too close to the burner port

or inside of the burner port will cause rapid deterioration of the burner tip,

(or in your case the end of the pipe).

Retention tips can be purchased from any burner manufacture or

some plumbing supply houses. Most are made of cast iron and hold up well

to the heat of high fire furnaces. Try the companies listed below.

1. North American Manufacturing, Cleveland Ohio

2. Pyronics, Cleveland Ohio

3. Maxon Combustion (check the Thomas Register)

4. Dedell Gas Burner Co (address in any Ceramics Monthly)

5. Johnson Gas Burner Co (Cedar Rapids Iowa)

6. Charles Hones Co.

The addition of the retention tips will change the shape and to some extent

the length of the burner flames. They are considered to be a safety feature th

keeps the flame at the tip of the burner. They are slightly larger than the

diameter of the mixing tube,(pipe), and should fit in the same space as

your old set-up.

william brouillard
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