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business advice needed

updated mon 31 mar 97


Vikki Dow on sun 16 mar 97

Hi again and thanks to all of you who responded to our last messages!
We are two women trying to start up our pottery business - Libby is the
gifted potter and Vikki (me) her faithful companion/business
manager/student. We live in the Bay Area (California) and are hoping to go
to 5-6 craft fairs this summer. Clayart seems like the best place to get
words of wisdom from all you who've "been there, done that", yet I worry
that asking business questions might be ... uncool. Nonetheless, I'm going
to risk it and ask anyway.

So - where is a good place to start? Are retail craft fairs lucrative?
Know any in particular in our area that we should definitely avoid or get
ourselves to? What about wholesale fairs - do we need to do the retail
route first and build up a reputation before attempting to get in?
Galleries? We're hoping that Libby will be able to quit her full-time job
at some point (soon) so she can put all her energy into throwing pots. Any
advice on how we can best get to that point would be so deeply appreciated!

Thanks - We're new to Clayart and so far it has been one of the most
supportive communities we've ever experienced. Looking forward to meeting
some of you some day. Be well -
Vikki and Libby
Stilltree Pottery, Oakland, California