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updated fri 24 oct 97


Margaret Arial on fri 10 oct 97

In a message dated 97-09-20 10:04:28 EDT, you write:

<< (David Hendley) >>
I agree with you about those courses and even the small business courses.I
took them in college after my degree and they were pretty worthless- all
those widgets and all.Casses given in the crafts field are somewhat better
and some of the craft business books were helpful. AND a course taken at
arrowmont from a couple from tyler texas( his first name is tom was real
helpful.) as were shared experiences in other conferences and workshops,.A
few workshops were a little too "canned" though and some times superficial
and for very specific circumstances in a particular direction or discipline.
margaret -
my deck is getting covered with oak leaves fall is near even though it is in
the 80's.we are over 7'' short of average rainfall and may get drought
conditioons again soon

Wendy Rosen on tue 21 oct 97

Several ClayArt members have attended our Craft Business Institute held
each September in Baltimore Maryland. We offer scholarships (partial and
full) to emerging artists, students and faculty. Curtis Benzle is just one
of the ceramic artists on our faculty. Several professors come to learn
more about business so that they can more easily answer the questions of
students planning to start a functional/decorative or even sculptural
ceramic studio after graduation. Ben Culbertson recently attended for this
purpose. The three day workshop is based on the book "Crafting As a
Business" (Wendy Rosen) available through any bookstore (or through our
office). We'll answer studio art business questions any time. Call or

for more information about Craft Business Institute (Sept 1998)

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