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buying a studio

updated wed 30 apr 97


Kat Berger on wed 30 apr 97

I'm a young (out of college just a couple of years) ceramicist who's been
working for a production potter for the past couple of years. By the nature
of our work he needs me to work long hours so I have very little time to my
own work.

I've found a studio/house for sale and would really like to be able to buy
it. But because of my age, income, and the risk involved in starting an
artist studio I can't get a normal bank loan.

I've been looking for groups and organizations that might have grants or
loans especially for artists but have not found much as of yet. If anyone
can give me some leads where to look I would greatly appreciate it.

The house is in New York and I'm female if that helps any.

Oh, if anyone has $100,000 burning a hole in their pocket, as I know all
artists do, I would take that as well. :-)

Thanks for your help