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career opportunity - lab and tech support

updated mon 30 jun 97


Jim Kassebaum on mon 16 jun 97


If you know anyone considering a career move who might be a good fit for the
following opportunity, I would appreciate your forwarding this message to =
Laguna Clay (L.A. area) has an opening for someone experienced in clay body
development and glaze chemistry (both low fire and high fire). The work is
hands-on and includes (1) research and development of new products, (2) =
color matching, (3) material quality control and (4) technical support for
customers. Previous technical, production, and academic experience will be
considered in filling the position. If you know anyone qualified and
interested, please have them contact me at: or (800) =
(452-4862), extension 223. Thanks for your help in =22spreading the =