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cats in studio

updated sat 30 nov 96


Jean Silverman on wed 20 nov 96

Speaking as a cat myself, the problem of ingesting glaze dust and other
chemicals around the studio has always bothered me too, although I've heard
of pottery cats who apparently come and go without harm. We (there are 2 of
us living here) visit in the studio once in a while, but only 5 min. or so
at a time--anyway, it's pretty boring since we can't sit on the tables or
shelves without getting yelled at--and we never go in when She's glazing.
Cats are very sensitive to chemicals, you know, and we do end up swallowing
anything that clings to our fur or paws, etc., and though an occasional
visit is probably safe, I think it would be a bad idea for any cat to be
living permanently in the studio. It takes a much smaller dose of toxic
chemical to poison a 10-lb. cat than a 120-lb. human. Mouse traps are a
safer, if duller, solution--at least for the cat.

/\ /
' ' Claudine the Cat (who was reading Clayart over Jean's
== ^ == shoulder last night)

Jean Silverman
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