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ceramics arts discussion list.--2day trip to the uk

updated tue 30 sep 97


bernard on tue 2 sep 97

If your friend has only 2 days in the UK I would suggest he or she rent a
car and drive right over to Wales where in one day you can visit with Mick
Casson, Phil Rodgers and Walter Keeler as well as Morgan Hall. St. Ives and
Cornwall as well as Sheep Wash (Svend's place as of a year ago when I was
there) are out of the way and you will only see one potter. The second day
I would find David Leach and Tim Andrews who live fairly close to each other
and will lead you to any shows, fairs etc. I don't know when your friend is
going but Tim Andrews show is beginning at his gallery and last year it was
marvelous. He has lots of work by other potters--Jane Hamlyn, Wally Keeler
etc. Also--get on the net and contact the British Potters Association, they
list all of the potters and their addresses and sometimes hours and phone
numbers and were a great FREE source for us on our two week pottery centered
visit to the UK. The net is a great source for such information. We are
leaving for Israel in 3 days and are in contact with the potters of Ein Hod
and Israel Amirov who happenned to write in to Clay art about some other
question. Good Luck and have fun! Any ideas about Israel will be greatly
appreciated. Rhoda Weintraub
Rhoda and Bernie Weintraub P.O. Box 608 Flanders N.J. 07836