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chawan: t bowls

updated fri 31 jan 97


Akita-jin \"Lee Love\" on sat 11 jan 97

One, rather simple recommendation I'd make, is to find a instructor in
tea ceremony and take a few classes. The best way to learn about tea
bowls is by practicing the way of tea.

In the Soto Zen monastaries in Japan, a part of every day includes
Chosan: tea with the teacher. In America, with my teacher, we just did
regular green tea. But when I was a visitor in Japan, the tea was tea
ceremony powdered green tea.

The thing that led me into pottery was studying zen. I think
zen meditation has a strong influence on Japanese pottery, especially tea
ceremony ware.

Lee In St. Paul, MN USA

/(o\ Lee Love In St. Paul, MN Come see some pixs of my AkitaPup:
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