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classroom clean-up

updated wed 30 apr 97


Richard Ramirez on wed 16 apr 97

Hello ceramic instructors,
I'm trying to compile a list of procedures, techniques, and information on
how to go about in cleaning a ceramic classroom. Hopefully this information
can be used by my school's custodial staff to better service our ceramic
department. You can add input in any shape or form, all information on brands
of products and equipment will be appreicated.
Areas of concern: #1- Floors=regularity of sweeping and wet mopping, are
sweeping compounds used?, how often dust mop heads changed?, do you use a
vacuum? type/,how often?,are your floors conceret?, does the custodian uses a
respirator?. #2-air ciriculation= do you have exhust vents?, are they running
when classes are in session?, Fans and air conditions, are they used?, do you
have a air purification system? does it work well ?, brand?, cost?, doors and
windows, open or closed during class time?. #3-water facilities=how many
sinks or and water outlets(facuets)does your classroom have?, what do you
think is adequate for a class of 35 students, with half a dozen wheels?, do
you hose down your classroom occasionally?, do you have and use a
wet-vacuum?, type?, do you raku? morning, end of day ,weekends, any problems
with other teachers, fire marshalls, fire dept.?. #4-Trash collection=how
many trash cans in your room?, size?, lined with plastic?, do you throw,
slurry, glaze, dust, in with paper?, how often empytied?. Hopefully we can
better educate our custodial staff on the importance of having a clean and
safe classroom environment for both our students and instructors.
TIA for your time and input.
R12396,Richard "The Clay Stalker", Ramirez

P.S.-I know many of these question seem simple and unnecessary to answer, but
what I need is black and white confrimation that these practices are common
in other schools.

Bernie Sayers on thu 17 apr 97

Hello Richard,
I work at Santa Barbara City College in the art Dept. mainly
ceramics. We have educated the administration as to the importance
of having the floors moped every night. We also have two Bailey
dust collectors in the room and one in the glaze area. In general
the custodial staff is small and one needs to run with the health
and safety issue . Good luck B