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clean studio

updated fri 28 feb 97


Joyce Lee, Jim Lee on tue 11 feb 97

I received many requests for copies of responses to my old query about
keeping studio clean. I didn't keep folders at that time so no
longer have access to exact suggestions made by clayarters, and haven't
been able to get on the archives. However, some ideas I now use and
which seem second-nature (now) were revelations to me two years ago.
1) Clean your wheel, and other equipment after each project just as if
you were in a classroom setting. (Sometimes neglect this one and always
regret it.)
2) Have wet-mop schedule for studio. Keep items easily water-damaged
up off floor so you will maintain schedule. Hose out the studio if
possible. Be careful with shop vacs for floor and air compressors for
cleaning as they may just stir up the clay/glaze dust.
3) Keep bucket of clean water and large sponge by work area so that
you can rinse hands fast and not leave clay prints everywhere. (I was
huge offender here)
4) Work with towel in lap.
I'll look for leftover printouts and do some pondering so I can add
more suggestions later. In meantime, maybe some others would like to
share their pet cleanup procedures with "newbies."

Bisque turned out fine. Used Ron Roy's suggested cone. Thank you.