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cleaning studio

updated fri 28 feb 97


Michael Hart on fri 21 feb 97

Hello All,
I have been reading clayart for a few weeks now and think it is
wonderful. I am returning to clay after 18 years....I was hoping to
read responses to the question about cleanliness in the studio but
haven't seen any.

We have recently moved up north in New Hampshire and I had a chance to
convert a detached garage into a workspace. The floor is cement and
there is no drain. There is also no running water, I carry water over
from my house in milk gallons everyday to keep a humidifier filled and
for working.

I have recently been diagnosed with asthma (coincidence?)...This was
quite sudden and I am not sure however I have been unusually sick this
winter with walking pneumonia. My question is how do you keep the clay
dust down? I have been told to paint my floor.. I wear a mask when
mixing glazes and when sanding etc. but not when building... I sponge
down my work surfaces and try to keep everything as clean as possible
but must not be doing something right....
I read someone's comment that wanted to share space with some other
artists but they wouldn't let him in because one of them had asthma. He
said that he keeps his studio so clean it would not affect the person.
How do you do that?

Thank you for any information you can help me with. Sid