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cm article on making whistles (ocinas?)

updated fri 31 may 96 on fri 3 may 96

I remember seeing an article on making ocinas in an issue of CM some time
ago (could it be years? they fly so fast) and at the time didn't fancy the
idea of blowing into a tiny hole in moist clay. However, times and tastes
change, so now I'm looking for the article. If anyone knows of it, I'd
appreciate your reply.
Thank you.
Judy Pyle
Looking forward to (more) mud in my mouth on sun 5 may 96

I think the whistles you are referring to are called 'ocarinas'. Dont'
remember seeing the article but my brother-in-law collects them. They are
actually musical instruments with more than one whole, more like a round
flute than a whistle. He purchased most of his in the Seattly area. Suzanne